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  • The enterprise obliges to imparting high-quality products and pleasing service to the customers. Vangood manufactures a variety of products, some of which are portable, have LED display alternatives, are tankless and meant for outdoor usage. The heaters are available in different colours such as black, white, and silver with elegant designs. The enterprise makes use of multi-safe protection to save energy with their excessive power saving performance. The products are excessive-performance oxygen-free heat exchanger. The temperature control is simple with its exact knobs and LED screens.

    The products are incorporated with winter-summer switch that maximises gas saving and provides relaxed temperature for usage. Our products are devised in such a way that they provide instantaneous heating with only 3-5 seconds necessary to stream hot water. The portable gas water heater can be used to deliver hot water during outdoor activities such as camping. Our products are eco-friendly, meaning, they emit ultra-low emissions that leave behind almost zero carbon footprint.

    Zhongshan Vangood Appliances Mfg Co., Ltd is a gas water heater manufacturer, gas water heater suppliers and gas water heater exporter supplying to clients around the world with top quality products like gas water heaters, gas hobs, freestanding oven cookers, etc. that are known for its execution, efficiency, and model.

Gas Water Heater Manufacturer

Zhongshan Vangood Appliances Mfg Co.,Ltd. is a gas water heater manufacturer and a gas water heater exporter expert in electric and gas appliances. Our core products include gas water heaters, electric water heaters, gas hobs, gas room heaters, range hoods, electric fans and so on. With a yearly output of three hundred thousand sets of gas water heater manufacturing capacity, the company has robust technical resources advantages, has engaged in gas water heater professional understanding of engineering and technical personnel more than a dozen, including 3 senior engineers, in addition to several site specialists. Our major overseas markets are Australia, Europe, Russia, South and North America, Africa etc.


Zhongshan Vangood Appliances Mfg Co., Ltd. is a heater manufacturing enterprise based in Zhongshan, China. We are excellent gas water heater suppliers exporting top-notch products all over the world. Our corporation works on the production, manufacturing, and sales of the complete assimilation of the machine. Being a gas water heater manufacturer and a gas water heater exporter, we sell products everywhere in the world with excellent quality that has undergone quality checks during the manufacturing. The enterprise follows a stringent quality method from the raw materials, the assessment and test control of each production process, and final inspection and acceptance of the finished goods. All products are verified and examined by skilled quality inspection personnel and quality engineers

Vangood is an enterprise that focusses on heater manufacturing with expertise and high quality of products. It was established to emerge as one of the leading gas water heater suppliers in the world. The enterprise delivers quality products across the globe. Apart from heater manufacturing, Vangood is a connoisseur gas water heater exporter selling to countries across Australia, Europe, Russia, South and North America, Africa etc.


Vangood is known for its on-time supply of products with superior service to the global customers. With a yearly output of three hundred thousand sets of gas water heater facility, the enterprise has a formidable technical resources advantages, has engaged in the professional knowledge of engineering, and has technical personnel, including 3 senior engineers and several on-site technicians.

The workshops are equipped with 4 assembly lines and more than 100 pieces of manufacturing and testing equipments, offering high production volume and fast delivery.
Vangood has Millions of gas utensils were produced, perfect quality control system, 10-member QC team performs a barrage of tests at every stage during production which guarantee the first-rate products to its customers.
Vangood has a professional R&D team to keep the innovations, renewing designs and keeping pace with the customers’ specific requirements. Vangood’s excellent sales team can provide 7x24H service to the customers.


Zhongshan Vangood Appliances Mfg Co.,Ltd.
is a production, manufacturing, sales for the 
comprehensive integration of machinery manufacturers.

Product are sold all over the world with the excellent quality.


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