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We at Zhongshan Vangood Appliances Mfg Co.Ltd. are focused on manufacturing electric and gas appliances. Our main products include gas water heaters, electric water heaters, gas hobs, gas room heaters, range hoods, electric fans and so on.

As a branch factory of Foshan Wange Home Appliances, founded in 2001, Vangood Appliances was later established to enjoy the best gas appliance resources in Zhongshan city and provide excellent quality on-time delivery of products with better service to our global customers.

We have a professional management team with the R&D department, manufacturing department, sales department, and service department. With an annual output of 300,000 sets of gas water heater production capacity, the company has strong technical resource advantage, has engaged in gas water heater professional knowledge with engineering and technical personnel who are more than a dozen, including three senior engineers, as well as several field technicians. Our chief engineer for gas water heaters and chief engineer for gas hobs are from one of the top manufacturers in this industry, Vanward and China best. 

We at Vangood Appliances follow a strict quality system, including picking up top-notch raw materials to the inspection and test control of each production process and lastly, the final quality check and acceptance of the finished products. All products are checked and tested by professional quality inspection personnel and quality engineers.

Apart from manufacturing goods, we also are a specialist in exporting gas appliances. Our main overseas markets are Australia, Europe, Russia, South and North America, Africa etc.
We commit to providing high-quality products and satisfactory service to our customers and look forward to working with our clients. 
Office Environment
Office Environment
Testing Lab
Testing Lab
Stamping Workshop
Stamping Workshop
Loading Container
Loading Container
Modern Production Workshop
Our cooker and gas water heater production workshop is where our clients and potential clients get to see the entire process of manufacturing quality products. Here, millions of gas utensils are produced, which is proof of Vangood's strong technological ability. The leading equipment is sourced from renowned companies in China and abroad. Every work stage is a combination of expertise and technology. Here, you will exclaim over the use of our advanced technology and appreciate world-class quality.  
The workshops are equipped with four assembly lines and more than 100 pieces of manufacturing and testing equipment, offering high production volume and fast delivery.
We have a professional R&D team to keep the innovations, renewing designs and keeping pace with customers' specific requirements. Vangood's excellent sales team can provide 24x7 service to the customers.
Vangood has a perfect quality control system, including IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC; 10-member QC team performs a barrage of tests at every stage during production which guarantees first-rate products to our customers.
"Confidence, Capability, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration"
We are 'people-oriented' as we at Vangood highlight the rights and obligations of humans while giving prominence to the value of our team members. Vangood implements a humanized management system, where we regard our employees as the company's wealth and grow up together with them.
1. Three Expressions on Signboard: Processing state, Inspection state and Rejection state.
2. Three Don'ts: Don't accept defectives, Don't produce defectives, Don't ship defectives.
3. Three On-sites: On-site quality confirmation, On-site issue investigation, On-site verification.

Sincerity, Cooperation, Proactive, Promoting both enterprise and individual development.
React rapidly. Do it now, Spare no effort, Pursue excellence.

1. ISO9001:2008 as an essential management guide.
2. Everything is Managed, Everyone is the Manager. We are Result-Oriented.

1. Full participation in providing customers with satisfactory products and services.
2. Through the quality system implementation, continuous improvement for organization and human behaviours
 to meet customer's requirements.
3. Through training, make every staff realize that quality is the life of the enterprise.


Zhongshan Vangood Appliances Mfg Co.,Ltd.
is a production, manufacturing, sales for the 
comprehensive integration of machinery manufacturers.

Product are sold all over the world with the excellent quality.


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