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Range Hood

  • Range Hood VRT90G11
    220-240V, 50/60Hz
    LED Lights: 2 * 1.5W
    6 Speeds with sensor control
    One Copper Motor : 160W
    Noise Level ≤ 56 dBA
    Extraction Rate: 750M3/h
    Filter Type: Aluminum or stainless steel Filter
  • Range Hood VRT03-90G
    Hood Feature:
    Material: Inox Aisi 201
    Switch: Push Button 3 speeds
    Filter: Aluminum grease filter
    Lighting: 2x1.5W LED lamp
    Motor: Copper motor
    Power supply: 110~240V/50 ~ 60HZ
    Loading (20FT/40HQ): 128/310 (90cm)
  • Range Hood VRT21-90S
    Hood Feature:
    Material: Inox Aisi 201
    Switch: Push Button 3 speeds
    Filter: stainless steel filter
    Lighting: 2x1.5W LED lamp
    Motor: Copper motor
    Power supply: 110~240V/50 ~ 60HZ
    Loading (20FT/40HQ): 180/450 (90cm)
  • Range Hood VRT32-90S
    Material: 90cm width stainless steel
    Switch: Touch control 3 speeds
    Filter: double layers SS tapered filter
    Lighting: 2x1.5W LED lamp
    Motor:32# Copper motor
    22m3/min air volume
    .ø180mm air outlet
    Loading (20FT/40HQ): 70/170 (90cm)

Range Hood Suppliers & Range Hood Manufacturers

ZhongshanVangood Appliances Mfg Co. Ltd. are range hood suppliers and range hood manufacturers based in Zhongshanand supplying across the globe. The enterprise works on the production, manufacturing and sales of the comprehensive integration of machinery. Being an exporter and supplier, Vangood sells their products all over the world with excellent quality that has undergone quality checks during the manufacturing. The enterprise follows a strict quality system from the raw materials, the inspection and test control of each production process, and final inspection and acceptance of the finished products. All products are checked and tested by professional quality inspection personnel and quality engineers.


Range Hood Suppliers

Vangood is an enterprise that specialises in range hood manufacturing with expertise and high quality of products. It was established to become one of the leading range hood suppliers in the world. The enterprise delivers quality products across the globe. Apart from range hoods manufacturing, Vangood is a specialist exporter selling to Australia, Europe, Russia, South and North America, Africa etc.


Vangood are well known range hood suppliers for their on-time delivery of products with better service to the global customers. With an annual output of 300 thousand sets of gas water heater capacity, the enterprise has a strong technical resources advantages, has engaged in the professional knowledge of engineering and technical personnel more than a dozen, including 3 senior engineers, as well as a number of field technicians.


Range Hood Manufacturers

The enterprise commits to providing high-quality products and satisfactory service to the customers making them one of the leading range hood manufacturers. Vangood manufactures a variety of products that have 6-speedsetting with sensor control, LED lights, and low-noise generating fans. The copper motor ensures efficiency.


Vangood are industry's one of the leading range hood manufacturers delivering to clients around the world with top quality products like gas water heaters, 4burner gas stoves, freestanding oven cookers, etc. that are known for their performance, utility, and design.


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comprehensive integration of machinery manufacturers.

Product are sold all over the world with the excellent quality.


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