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Gas Water Heater

6L per minute water capacity
Instant continuous hot water
Fully adjustable heat with 75 degree maximum
Cost effective and environmentally friendly
Multi function shower head and hose
Winter/Summer setting for comfortable temperature
Heating unit automatically ignites and shuts off when triggered by shower head
Lightweight and portable handle for easy carrying
Compact design allows for easy installation
Mounting brackets or with handle for hanging
Carry handle folds down for storage
Easy drainage for freezing conditions
Ultra low emissions leaving almost no carbon footprint
No start-up lag eliminates cold water waste
Fully approved LPG hose and regulator
Gas Type: LPG
Capacity: 6L/Min
Minimum Water Pressure: 15Kpa
Maximum Water Pressure: 1000Kpa
  • JSD-6P1
  • Vangood
  • JSD-6P1

Heater Manufacturing

ZhongshanVangood Appliances Mfg Co., Ltd. is a heater manufacturing enterprise based in Zhongshanand supplying across the globe. The enterprise works on the production, manufacturing and sales of the comprehensive integration of machinery. Being a heater exporter and supplier, Vangood sells their products all over the world with excellent quality that has undergone quality checks during the manufacturing. The enterprise follows a strict quality system from the raw materials, the inspection and test control of each production process, and final inspection and acceptance of the finished products. All products are checked and tested by professional quality inspection personnel and quality engineers.


Vangood is an enterprise that specialises in heater manufacturing with expertise and high quality of products. It was established to become one of the leading heater suppliers in the world. The enterprise delivers quality products across the globe. Apart from heater manufacturing, Vangood is a specialist exporter selling to Australia, Europe, Russia, South and North America, Africa etc.


Vangood is well known for its on-time delivery of products with better service to the global customers. With an annual output of 300 thousand sets of gas water heater capacity, the enterprise has a strong technical resources advantages, has engaged in the professional knowledge of engineering, and has technical personnel, including 3 senior engineers and a number of field technicians.


Quality Heater Manufacturing Company

The enterprise commits to providing high-quality products and satisfactory service to the customers. Vangood manufactures a variety of products, some of which are portable, have LED display options, are tankless and meant for outdoor usage. The heaters come in different colours such as white, silver and black with stylish designs. The enterprise uses multi-safe protection to save energy with their high energy saving performance. The products are high-efficiency oxygen-free heat exchanger. The temperature control is easy with its accurate knobs and LED screens.


Gas Water Heater

This highly efficient gas water heater has a 6L per minute water capacity. With its instant continuous hot water ability and a fully adjustable heat control with 75 degree maximum, Vangood's gas water heater is cost effective and environment-friendly. Its smart technology such as winter/summer setting and the ability to automatically ignite and shut off when triggered by a shower head makes Vangood's gas water heater lightweight and easy to carry.


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